We are a private pool renting platform in Dubai that connects guests from around the world who want to cool off and enjoy themselves in a private, clean and affordable pool listed by local private pool owners in the UAE and GCC (Middle East).

Our story

Click & VIPool was started by enthusiastic travelers from around the world who were looking for a unique private pool renting experience in Dubai. Their dismay at the lack of this facility impelled them to come up with a platform and share with like-minded travelers who were looking to relax in a private, affordable and homely space at their convenience. This is a unique way to experience a private pool session either as a solo guest or as a group. Whether you just want to relax for the afternoon or entertain the kids for the day, this is a great way to spend time in a beautiful space, a beautiful country with a friendly community. Today, Click & VIPool boasts a lot of swimming pools listed on the platform, each offering a unique experience for guests depending on their tastes and preferences. The pool prices are determined by the hosts and depend on the location and specifications of the pool.

Linking you to the best pool in the UAE and GCC

Private pool owners can sign up for free to list their idle pools on the platform to make some extra income at their convenience while guests from around the world can browse through the listings on the platform to view and book available pools in UAE. Additionally, to maintain the high standards that echo the mission of Click & VIPool as being the premier private pool renting platform in Dubai. Our hosts are well versed with international safety and hygiene protocols to ensure a stress-free pool day for you, your friends, and your family.

Want to make some extra cash from your private pool?

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Our vision is to remain the premier hospitality service provider in the UAE and the Middle East connecting guests looking for an unrivaled premium pool renting experience at their convenience and within their budget with local private pool owners listed on the platform.


We are dedicated to creating and promoting a unique private pool renting experience for guests in the UAE and the Middle East by tapping into the locally listed pools that meet and satisfy the expectations and demands of our guests.


We aim to make Click & VIPool every guest’s first choice when looking for a place for relaxation of body and mind by providing an unmatched and seamless booking process, an extensive range of pools to choose from, supporting services, and clean and well-maintained infrastructure in place for a better and unique experience that will be engraved in the heart and mind of every guest.

Our Values

  • Exceptional Service
    Click & VIPool works to provide top-notch booking and listing platform support services and flawless communication between all parties involved while linking guests to quality infrastructure solely designed to satisfy their needs.
  • Integrity
    Our platform offers a transparent booking and listing process offering straightforward and righteous interactions with pool owners, guests, and the communities in which we operate.
  • Continuous Improvement
    We continuously work to improve our platform to provide quality services for our guests and ensure that private pool owners regularly maintain the infrastructure for our guests and comply with the travel and entertainment industry standards.

Click & VIPool sees itself as a private pool renting platform in Dubai that is conscious of supporting the local communities by using locally available infrastructure to solve a global need while working to conform to the international travel and entertainment industry quality standards and benchmarks that exceed the expectations of the guests.

Enjoy some aquatic fun in the world’s best pools!

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