What is Click & Vipool?

Click & Vipool is a free online platform that connects people with pools to people who want to use them. Of course, using an online service to connect vacationers with homeowners isn't new. Still, Click & Vipool is not a matchmaker for renters and owners. Instead, our company helps pool owners and renters negotiate the ins and outs of the pool rental process, including pricing, insurance, cleaning and maintenance agreements, and more. Simply put: we help you make money from your pool—without any effort on your part.

Why Use Click & Vipool?

There are many reasons why Click & Vipool is the best site to use when listing your pool. Some of these reasons include:

Make money from your pool every day. Listing your pool with Click & Vipool will help you earn an income through rental bookings seven days a week. With Click & Vipool's 24/7 availability, your pool could be making you money any time of the night or day.

Set your rates. You decide what price point is right for you! Want more people staying at home during those chilly winter months? Maybe consider lowering the cost per night until spring comes around again--you'll still make some cash off each stay without sacrificing too much profit margin. The only fee we take from you is an 18% commission.

Potential for passive income. Imagine earning money without spending much energy at all! With Click & Vipool, this is possible! You can have a steady stream of cash coming in from rentals without managing or organizing them yourself. At least some aspects of this service are even free!

Manage your bookings with ease. Once you've got that listing up on our site, it is your choice who you rent the pool out to and how you collect payments. All bookings are handled through our secure system, so you have to worry about providing a clean and safe space for renters to enjoy their time! You don't even have to answer emails or make phone calls—unless you want to list yourself as an optional "host" who wants to provide additional amenities like towels, snorkels, etc., and then collect payment for those in addition to the booking fee collected by Click & Vipool.

You have control over who uses your pool and when. So, for example, you can set availability by the time of day or block off dates entirely if you want to use the pool yourself for a weekend getaway trip! You also get the final say over which bookings are accepted—no worrying about having unwanted guests over after making a booking request that wasn't quite right for you (this is why we encourage hosts to provide lots of details about their pools).

How to List Your Pool?

Listing your pool is as easy as 1-2-3! It only takes a few minutes, and once you've done it, your listing can be up for as long as you want.

  • Start by visiting our website at www.clickvipool.com and registering for a host's account.

  • Once your account is verified, log in with your username and password, go to the dashboard panel and click on the 'List A Pool' button.

  • Enter the details of your pool in the listing form and upload the relevant images, including the name, location, and dimensions of your pool, when it is available for bookings, and other important information about amenities offered at or around your property like changing rooms, showers etc. You can also list optional facilities that you provide with extra charges, like a barbeque pit or food services (if you have a restaurant or food facility nearby). You may also offer on-premise booking if you wish.

  • Set pricing details for rent of your pool save them before moving on to the next step, which is setting the availability schedule of your pool, i.e., its timings, when it can be booked and when not.

  • After saving the availability schedule, confirm all fields in the review tab as per requirement before submitting the listing form, which will make your pool available to users who are looking to rent out a swimming pool space near them either for fun or sports activities like swimming training sessions or even water polo matches! Now sit back while we connect you with people looking forward to using your pool at their earliest convenience!

How Much Can I Earn With Click & Vipool?

The amount you make from renting out your pool is entirely up to you. Set the daily price at whatever works for you and your goals within reason; if you're looking to make some extra cash, consider our internal research that more expensive pools tend to attract more renters.

Some factors that can help increase your earning potential:

Location. Suppose you live in an area with good weather year-round or other well-known attractions. People will likely be flocking there throughout the year, so keep this in mind when setting pricing.

Size. The bigger and more luxurious your pool is, the more money you can charge. So if your pool has a hot tub or Jacuzzi attached to it or a unique shape like the letter 'G' (a great way to ensure a positive review), consider charging more than usual.

Extra amenities. Do you have a slide? A Tiki bar? Or maybe even an outdoor theatre attached to your pool? These features may seem luxurious—and they are—but if you have them in your backyard and are thinking of listing them on Click & Vipool, yes! But, of course, you should charge extra for them so that people who rent out your pool can enjoy them too!

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