These general conditions of use and sale (hereinafter published as "General Conditions") are the contractual link between:

Click & Vipool is the property of  Z K ENTERTAINMENT CONCEPT FZCO, a UAE Free-zone company, whose registered under the license 4100699.01


(hereinafter mentionned as "Click & Vipool"); and

    The User (as defined below) of the site (hereinafter the "Platform").

The Platform operated by Click & Vipool allows the connection between owners of swimming pools or persons having full use of them and tenants who wish to be able to use them for a fixed period.

The purpose of the General Conditions( GC) is to govern the terms and conditions of use of the Platform and Booking of a swimming pool on the Platform.

Click & Vipool is in charge of the connection but is in no way a party to the contract between the owner of the swimming pool and the tenant.

Any access and/or use of the Platform implies unconditional acceptance and compliance with all the terms of these General Conditions.

They may be supplemented, where appropriate, by conditions of use specific to certain Services. In case of contradiction, the special conditions prevail over the General Conditions.


"Ad" means an online posting by a Host User on the Platform, setting out the terms of rental of a Property of which he is the owner.

"Property" means a swimming pool or a spa, the rental of which is offered on the Platform by a Host User.

"User Account" means the account created by a User on the Platform.

"Content" means any element inserted by a User on the Platform .

"Platform" means the website accessible at the address which constitutes the technical platform made available to Users by Click & Vipool, and which is the subject of the GC.

"Professional User" means any User offering Goods for rental on the Platform as part of his professional activity. Can fall under the qualification of Professional User, an individual who derives a substantial income from his rentals on the Platform.

"Booking" means the agreement between Users for the rental of a Property from a Host User according to the terms set out and accepted by the latter in the Ad relating to the Property.

"User" means any visitor to the website accessible to the public at the address and/or who has created a User Account. The term User includes Guest Users and Host Users as defined below.

"Host User" means any User offering for rental on the Platform a Property of which he has full use.

"Guest User" means any User who has made a Booking on the Platform.


The Platform is made accessible to the User via the Internet. Internet connection costs remain the responsibility of the User.

The User declares to have read the characteristics and limits of the Internet described below:


That data transmissions on the Internet only benefit from relative technical reliability, these circulating on heterogeneous networks with various characteristics and technical capacities. As a result, no one can guarantee the proper functioning of the Internet;


That Click & Vipool has taken important measures to secure access to the Platform, according to an obligation of means, but that the data circulating on the Internet can be subject to misappropriation, and that thus the communication of passwords, confidential codes, and more generally, of any information of a sensitive nature is carried out by the User at his own risk;


That it is up to the User to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software stored on their servers from contamination by viruses and attempts to break into their computer system by third parties via the internet network.

In order to guarantee the proper functioning of the Platform, it is specified that it is optimized for the latest versions of operating systems.

Click & Vipool draws the User's attention to the fact that the service offered is a standard service designed for private or professional Users. It is therefore up to the User, prior to his registration, (i) to precisely define his needs, (ii) to check that the service corresponds to the definition of his needs and (iii) that the service is dimensioned to an extent which allows him to fulfill his own professional objectives, which the Service Provider cannot know. If this is not the case, the User does not register or asks Click & Vipool for additional information.


By creating a User Account on the Platform, the User accepts these general conditions and undertakes to comply with them. Click & Vipool is entitled to modify the conditions of access and use of all or part of an individual's User Account at its sole discretion. Click & Vipool will do its best to inform the User before the entry into force of the modifications, giving the User the possibility of closing his account.

1. Creation

The User declares to be over 21 years old and to be able to contract.

The User must provide the following information: surname, first name, email address, telephone number, IBAN for Host Users.

The User guarantees to provide accurate and fair information and to update this information in the event of modifications.

The identifiers used to create a User Account must respect public order and the rights of third parties. In particular, identifiers of a pornographic, racist or violent nature are prohibited, as well as identifiers borrowing or reminiscent of a commercial brand, and in general all terms or expressions likely to infringe the rights of third parties. The User agrees not to usurp the identity of a third party or mislead about his identity.

The username and password allowing access to the Account are strictly personal and must not be communicated to third parties. The User is the sole custodian and fully responsible for maintaining this confidentiality and for the use of his identifiers. He must take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent use of his Account. Click & Vipool never asks a User, and for any reason whatsoever, to provide him with his identifier and any request to this effect must be considered as a fraudulent request. The User agrees to close the session at the end of each use of his Account.

2. User Status

The User must very precisely indicate the status under which he operates on the Platform: individual or Professional.

The fact that a Professional pretends to be an individual or consumer, and therefore appears as an individual on the Platform, is a misleading commercial practice.

In case of doubt about the activity of a User registered as an individual on the Platform, Click & Vipool may at any time require this User to provide justifications so that he registers as a Professional on the Platform if necessary.

The Professional User shall be restricted from competing with the Click & Vipool for a period of 20 years from the date of registration.

3. Use of the Platform

The User Account is created and used under the sole responsibility of the latter. The User Account allows:

to access a private space on the Platform;

to view Ads from other Users who have created a User Account;

to publish Ads accessible to other Users;

to access a messaging service allowing contact with other Users;

to receive notifications from the Platform;

to make the Booking of a Property and to pay the price;

to contact the Click & Vipool team by e-mail.

The User agrees not to use the messaging service to send promotional messages and/or spam. In addition, messaging may under no circumstances be used to offer a sale or rental outside the Platform or on another linking platform.

The User undertakes to respect the UAE law applicable to the processing of personal data. If the User is a professional, he undertakes to communicate to the User who contacts him his privacy policy.

Any misuse of messaging is considered serious enough to authorize Click & Vipool to close the User's account without notice.

4.Closure of the User Account

The User may close his User Account at any time without notice and without charge.

Click & Vipool may terminate this contract with an individual at any time subject to giving notice of thirty (30) days after transmission of an information email.

Click & Vipool reserves the right to temporarily or permanently close a particular User Account, without notice, in the event of the User's breach of these T&Cs, violation of a legal rule by the User or to protect the security of the Platform. , Click & Vipool and/or other Users.

The User Account may also be closed in the event of a complaint from another User. The User targeted by the complaint will be informed and will have a period of fifteen (15) days to respond before the decision to close his Account is taken, the Account may nevertheless be suspended in the meantime if the fault is particularly serious.

The closing of the User Account for any reason whatsoever is likely to cause the loss of all the data and advantages conferred on the User. In general, Click & Vipool does not undertake in any case to save the Content belonging to the User apart from his personal data which is subject to processing and security in accordance with the The Personal Data Protection Law . The UAE Data Office will act as the federal data regulator in the UAE. Under these conditions, it is the responsibility of the User to take the necessary measures to preserve all of their data and Content.

The closure of the User's Account, for whatever reason, does not exempt him from respecting the obligations contracted with other Users before the closure of the Account and not yet carried out.


Only the User validly registered on the Platform can create, publish and manage Ads according to the terms and conditions defined below.

The Platform is devoted exclusively to the rental of Goods and access to optional ancillary Services where applicable. Any Ads not concerning this object is prohibited and may be withdrawn by Click & Vipool without warning, and without prejudice to any recourse against the User.

Each Listing must only offer one and only one Property for rental.

Ads must relate to a Property:

(a) of which the Host User has full and complete ownership, and for an optional Service actually carried out by the Host User if applicable,

(b) in an acceptable and secure condition in accordance with applicable regulations.

The Host User, specifies the optional services that he offers to the Guest Users if necessary.

The Host User undertakes to provide all useful information relating to his ads and to publish photographs that he has taken himself, faithful to the Property offered. The User guarantees in particular to hold the rights to the photos. These photos must in no case represent an identifiable natural person. Click & Vipool reserves the right to delete any photograph that was clearly not taken by the User or unrelated to the Property offered by the Ads, in particular after reporting by another User.

The Host User is prohibited from including in the Ads :


  • any website address,

  • any direct contact details (email, telephone, fax, postal address, etc.),

  • any incentive for direct rental without going through the Platform,

  • any ad for advertising purposes,

  • any element unrelated to the content offered in the ad,

  • any direct or indirect redirection to a site with competing content or to a competing entity of Click & Vipool,

  • any misleading, false or misleading element on the proposed content.

This Ads must imperatively contain the following information:


  • a description of the Property;

  • the location of the Property;

  • the surface of the Good;

  • Booking timeslots;

  • the number of people allowed ( occupancy maximum)

The Host User declares to be aware that he is responsible for the Content of his Ad and will be responsible for all the consequences that may result therefrom. He guarantees the accuracy and veracity of any information published by him on the Platform, in particular information relating to the essential characteristics of the Goods and optional Services, where applicable. He also guarantees to hold all the rights, in particular intellectual property, and to have obtained all the authorizations necessary for the publication of the said Content. The Host User expressly acknowledges and accepts that the Ads, which may contain personal information that he publishes from his User Account, are accessible to any person accessing the Platform.

The Host User undertakes to delete as soon as possible the Ads relating to a Property that the Host User no longer wishes to offer for rental as well as to delete an old Ad before publishing a new one relating to the same Good.

The host User undertakes the deduction of 18% of booking price as Click & VIpool service charges

Click & Vipool reserves the right to ask the User to modify and/or delete their Ad and/or to do so directly in the event of non-compliance with these T&Cs and/or the Click & Vipool Privacy Policy and /or any UAE legal rule and/or appearing to infringe the rights of third parties or reported as illegal content, without notice.

Ad, Rank AND Duration

Listings are classified by default from the most recent to the oldest, with the possibility for Users to sort them by location, date of availability, equipment available, number of people who can be accommodated and whether or not the owners are present at the time of rental.

The pool listing remains online until the Host User deletes it or closes their Account, or until it is removed by Click & Vipool for one of the reasons mentioned herein.

Click & Vipool reserves the right to ask the Host User, by email, if the Ad is still current. In the event of no response within fifteen (15) days, the Ad may be deactivated by Click & Vipool without liability being incurred and without payment of compensation.


Click & Vipool provides a service of a purely technical nature and is remunerated for this purpose. Consequently, it does not control the Ads which are published on the Platform as to their reality and legality.

The mechanism for implementing a Booking is as follows:

Step 1 : Each User can make, via his User Account, a Booking request for a given date.

Step 2: Acceptance of the Host User's Booking request

The Host User receiving the Booking request receives a message on his User Account and by email notification.

A Host User does not have to justify his refusal of the Booking request. The absence of a response from a Host User to a Booking request within 30 minutes shall constitute refusal of the Booking request.

Step 3: Booking Confirmation

When the Host User has accepted the Booking request, a confirmation message is then sent to the Guest User on his User Account.

The Booking is definitively recorded once the amount due for the Booking has been debited from the account of the Guest User.

In case of Instant Booking Ads the mechanism will be as follows :

Step 1 :

Each User can make, via his User Account, a Booking request for a given date for an Instant booking ads

Step 2: The user shall proceed the payment upfront

The Host User receiving the Booking notification on his User Account and by email notification.

Step 3: Booking Confirmation

Once the payment is made and the Booking has been debited from the account of the Guest User.

The Booking is automatically confirmed to both parties.


The Price is indicated on the User Ads accessible on the Platform.

Each Host user freely sets the Price of their Ads.

Prices are displayed in AED, all taxes included, where applicable (UAE VAT) unless otherwise indicated.

To the price indicated on the Ad, is added a commission corresponding to the payment for the use of the Platform made available by Click & Vipool (“Technical and management costs”). Technical and management costs cover the operation of the Platform, its corrective and evolutionary maintenance.

Click & Vipool thus receives a commission of 12% including tax from the Guest User. This is added to the price set by the Host User in the Ad. Additionnal fees of 30 Aed is added to the Guest Users basket , this fee is dedicated to improving the users experience on our website, including customer service and new features.

Click & Vipool also charges a fee of 18% including tax on the payment it makes to Host Users without a minimum threshold.

For example, imagine that a Host User sets a half-day price of  AED 300 per booking


A Guest User wishing to reserve this pool would therefore pay AED 300 + 12% + 30 AED= AED 366 + 5% VAT = 384,30 AED


The Host User would then receive AED 300 - 18%  =  AED 246


Before definitively validating his Booking, the Guest accesses a summary.

This summary presents the User's Booking, and specifies the additional costs (option, Click & Vipool's commission, etc.) in addition to the price of the Booking indicated in the Ad.

When he accesses the summary of his Booking, the User still has the possibility of modifying it and correcting any errors before accepting it.

The User confirms the acceptance of his Booking by clicking on the validation icon of the order. The words "order with obligation to pay" or a similar formula devoid of any ambiguity appear next to the icon of validation of the Booking in order to ensure that the User explicitly acknowledges his obligation to pay for the Booking.

Payment is made via Stripe by direct debit from the credit card number.

First, when the Guest User makes the Booking request, Stripe makes a bank imprint on the Guest User's bank card.

Secondly, if the Booking request is accepted, Stripe proceeds to an automatic bank debit. If the Booking request is refused, or if the Host User does not respond to it, the bank imprint is automatically canceled within a maximum period of 7 days.

The direct debit is implemented by Stripe, which alone keeps the User's bank details.

The Guest User guarantees to Click & Vipool that he has the necessary authorizations to use the chosen payment method. The Guest User undertakes to take the necessary measures so that the automatic debit of the price of the Service can be carried out.

Any failure to pay will result in rejection of the Booking at the exclusive fault of the Guest User. Once payment has been made, Click & Vipool sends a booking confirmation to the Guest User.

The Host User will receive the amount of the Booking, from which the Click & Vipool commission will have been deducted, within an indicative period of three  to five days after the Guest User has taken advantage of the Property.


The cancellation of a Booking by the Host User or the Guest User after the Booking Confirmation is subject to the stipulations below.

In the event of cancellation attributable to the Host User, the Guest User is reimbursed the full amount paid (i.e. the price of the Booking and the Cost Contribution as well as the related Service Fees). This is particularly the case when the Host User cancels a rental or is not at the meeting point no later than 15 minutes after the agreed time.( UAE Local time)

In the event of cancellation attributable to the Guest User:


If the Guest User cancels his Booking more than forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled time as mentioned in the Ad, the Guest User is reimbursed the amount of his Booking. Only the Service Fees paid by the Guest User are kept by Click & Vipool.

If the Guest User cancels forty-eight (48) hours or more before the scheduled time for the Booking it will be free  of charge.


If the Guest User cancels forty-eight between less than (48) hours and (24) hours before the scheduled time for the Booking then 30 AED + 05 % VAT charge fees will be held from the total amount. The remaining will be reimbursed to the Guest User.


If the Guest User cancels less than (24) hours before the scheduled time for the Booking no refund possible.

The Host User therefore receives  50 % the amount paid by the Guest User for the Booking as long as Click & Vipool confirm having received the payment by the Gest Users.

No refund will be made either if the Guest User does not take advantage of the Property for the entire time slot he had reserved.

Click & Vipool assesses at its sole discretion, on the basis of the elements at its disposal, the legitimacy of the reimbursement requests it receives.


Each Host User swears that their swimming pool meets the safety standards required by the UAE Public Health & Safety Departmeent-  ( Ref: Local Order No 11/2003).

The Host User therefore certifies having installed facilities required in accordance with the UAE The Host user ensure that the amenities are maintained to ensure the health and safety of Guests, including maintenance of water treatment (  water should be tested for micorbiological parameters every two month.)

The Host user ensure that the Pool is secured by a fence or other reasonable security measures.

The swimming pool should be secured when it is not in use.

The pool shall be equipped with suitable equipment capable of feeding disinfectants, coagulants and chemicals. Chlorine/Bromine tablets, due to its high acidity value, as well as any other chemicals shall not be placed in a skimmer.

Host Users are responsible for making their swimming pool available as soon as they accept a Booking.

Host Users  are also responsible for the optional Services offered to Guest Users. When they offer the “Snack” option or food in general, they are solely responsible for compliance with the regulations applicable to the sale of food products. It is their responsibility in particular to inform themselves beforehand about any allergies of the Guest Users.

It is up to the Host User to check his insurance and in particular whether it takes into account the damage caused to third parties (non-family members) who use his swimming pool. Host Users are advised to contact their insurer to clarify this point.


It is up to the Guest User to comply with the instructions for use of the Property, if any, and any prohibitions imposed by the Host User. The Guest User is solely responsible for the payment of the Booking and the costs of the Platform, as well as for respecting the time of the Booking, any delay of more than fifteen (15) minutes ( UAE Local time) which may result in the cancellation of the Booking at fault exclusive to the Guest User.

Guest Users accompanied by minor children are solely responsible for the safety of the latter at the edge of the swimming pool as well as for any damage they may cause.

It is strictly forbidden for the Guest User to bring more guests than what was indicated to the Host User during the Booking.


1- General

Each User undertakes to respect other Users during exchanges made using the Platform and during Bookings.

Users undertake not to disclose to third parties the identity of other Users with whom they have been put in contact and with whom they have exchanged on the Platform or with whom they have made a Booking.

The Guest User and the Host User undertake to make fair use of the Platform and the Services and expressly refrain from circumventing the Services and the Platform. Consequently, when a Guest User and a Host User are put in contact through the Platform in relation to a rental, they undertake to contract exclusively through the Platform for the rental concerned but also for the rentals future for which the Guest User would like to use the service of the Host User. Any User noting a circumvention of Click & Vipool's Services or encouraged by another User to circumvent them, undertakes to immediately inform Click & Vipool. Similarly, any User is prohibited from extracting any Content from the Platform for a similar or competing activity, or for recruitment purposes.

2. Non-Discrimination Policy

Click & Vipool is above all a community made up of members of various origins linked by the sharing of a good. Each User, by creating his account on Click & Vipool, undertakes to respect this community and not to discriminate, in particular on the basis of origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion or Political Views. Anyone who does not comply with this policy will be excluded from the community and their Account on the Platform will be closed.

3. Third Party Property Access Policy

Pool owners may make access to their pool and property subject to certain rules, so long as these do not violate Click & Vipool's House Rules or the laws of the UAE. The Guest User undertakes to respect this regulation if necessary.


As provider of the Platform, Click & Vipool does not own and does not create or sell, resell, provide, control, manage or offer any Rental Goods or Optional Services. Host Users are solely responsible for their Listings, Goods and Services. When Users make or accept a Booking, they enter into a contract between themselves directly. Click & Vipool is not and does not become a party to any contract entered into between Users, is not involved in the contractual relationship between Users and is neither a real estate broker, nor an agent, nor an insurer. Thus, Users acknowledge that Click & Vipool cannot in any way be held liable for Ads and Bookings made through the use of the Platform.

Click & Vipool and the Host User are independent parties, each acting in their own name and for their own account. Click & Vipool does not conclude any contract in the name and/or on behalf of a Guest User or a Host User, the latter contracting directly with each other without Click & Vipool being a party to this contract.

Click & Vipool provides Guest Users and Host Users with tools and technical means allowing them to enter into a relationship for the purpose of concluding a Booking and service contract, if applicable. Click & Vipool's liability is limited to the provision of these means, as described in these general conditions.

Click & Vipool cannot guarantee the establishment of an uninterrupted service and/or continuous access to all the services offered in any location whatsoever, in particular due to a break in the Internet network. Click & Vipool may make improvements or modifications to the Platform at any time, and may freely terminate the Service. Click & Vipool excludes all warranties of quality, truthfulness, accuracy, suitability for a particular purpose, ownership and non-infringement. No content or information provided by the Platform can be interpreted as constituting a guarantee.

Click & Vipool shall in no event be liable, whatever the basis of the action for liability invoked, for direct and indirect damages resulting from the use, layout or content of the information disseminated by the Platform, each User being solely responsible for the elements transmitted on the Platform.

Each User is responsible for his communications and interactions with other Users of the Platform, for his publications, Ads, comments. Click & Vipool cannot be held responsible for any improper use of the publications on the Platform by any third party. Under no circumstances can Click & Vipool be held liable for comments left by Users, publications on the Platform, in particular Ads, or information mentioned in their accounts by Users.

Click & Vipool undertakes to take all reasonable care to fulfill its obligations. The parties agree that Click & Vipool's obligations are obligations of means.

Click & Vipool cannot be held liable for consequential damages (loss of earnings, loss of data, damage to reputation, service interruptions, computer damage or system failures, or the cost of canceling the Booking, etc.)

Click & Vipool may only be held liable in the event of duly proven direct damage, and in no case for any damage caused either by the User who suffered the damage himself, or caused by a third party to the contract, or caused by a case of force majeure.

Under no circumstances can Click & Vipool be held liable for any damage that finds its cause in the relationship between Users, nor for any damage caused during a Booking or in connection with a Booking. Click & Vipool in no way guarantees that Users use their true identity, that the Ad is true, that Users will behave appropriately. It is up to each User to exercise vigilance and caution when connecting with other Users and when making a Booking, in particular by requesting further information if necessary.


Any User acting as a professional agrees to notify Click & Vipool when creating his User Account. Any professional User also undertakes to indicate this explicitly when using the Platform, in particular in their Ads, Booking requests and Bookings.

It is up to the professional User, prior to the acceptance of these presents, to check that the Platform and the services offered by Click & Vipool correspond to the definition of his needs and are sized to an extent that allows him to fulfill his own objectives, that Click & Vipool cannot know. If the Professional User fails to provide Click & Vipool with a written and detailed expression of his needs, the User acknowledges that these T&Cs of Click & Vipool will serve as an expression of his needs.

The Professional User registers in a professional capacity within the framework of the exercise of his activity. The User practicing in a professional capacity acknowledges and accepts as such to comply with the regulations governing his activity.

He must indicate on his Account the complete identity of his company (company name,Trade License, contact details, VAT number).

In the absence of one of these elements, the Professional User's account cannot appear online.


It is highly recommended that the Host Users obtain appropriate insurance for its pool and facilities.

The Host users may carry out a Pool and Facilities checking with the Guest Users before the use of the Pool by the Guest User, any damage must be identify by both parties before the Booking starts.

Click & Vipool cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss arising from the use of the Host User Pool.


1. Intellectual property of the Platform

The Platform and each of its constituent elements, including but not limited to code, text, images, videos, photographs, trademarks, logos, corporate names, domain names, data and databases. data, apart from the Content posted online by Users, is the exclusive property of Click & Vipool or that of its partners.

These elements are protected by the laws relating to intellectual property and the production of databases in force, and in particular copyright.

All disassembly, decompilation, decryption, extraction, reuse, copying and more generally, all acts of reproduction, representation, distribution and use of the Platform or any of the elements that compose it, without the authorization of Click & Vipool, is prohibited. , constitute an infringement sanctioned by the Code of Intellectual Property, and may be subject to legal proceedings.

It is also strictly prohibited to use robots, crawlers, scrapers or other automated means to access or retrieve data or other Content on the Platform or to interact with it.

2- Content

Any User who publishes Content on the Platform retains full ownership thereof.

By communicating Content through the Platform, the User expressly and graciously authorizes Click & Vipool to use, represent, distribute, host, store, reproduce, communicate, publish, modify, adapt, translate and display all or part of the Content on the Platform, social networks, blogs operated by Click & Vipool and/or on any other media (including physical and digital media, press kit, commercial support, promotional and/or advertising material, network including the Internet), by any means, at purposes of operation, improvement, promotion, marketing, advertising of the Services and the Platform or for the purposes of setting up partnerships. This authorization is valid worldwide and for the entire duration of the User's registration. The User acknowledges that any use of his Content made by Click & Vipool prior to his unsubscription, deletion or termination of his account cannot be called into question.

The User guarantees that he holds all the rights allowing him to insert the Content on the Platform and that this Content does not violate any third-party rights (intellectual property rights, unfair competition, etc.) or any legal rule. The User also guarantees that the Content will not cause any malfunction, disruption or nuisance to the Platform or to other Users.

In the event that Click & Vipool's liability comes to be incurred because of the User's Content, the latter will bear Click & Vipool's costs to ensure its defense as well as the amount of any possible sanction or transaction.


Any person wishing to bring to Click & Vipool's attention the dissemination of false, manifestly illegal, insulting or even contrary to good morals content must provide all the information allowing the location of the content in question on the Platform and to determine the illegality. relevant content. They can report to our email: .


Click & Vipool attaches great importance to respect for privacy and takes all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of Users' personal data.

As part of the opening of an Account on the Platform as well as during an online Booking and payment, Click & Vipool collects the User's personal data:

- First name

- Name

- Address

- Phone number

- E-mail address

- Country

- Identification elements of Professional Users (License VAT.)

- IBAN of Host Users

- Copy of Host Users ID ( Emirates ID or Passport copy)

Click & Vipool collects and processes the personal data of Users, as data controller, for the following purposes:


Provision of the service (account management, opinion management, advertisement management, etc.);

Geolocation of Users and Goods;

Management of the relationship with Users;

Response to any questions/complaints from Users;

Management of requests to exercise rights;

Improvement of functionalities and navigation comfort on the Platform in order to best meet the expectations of Users;

Sending marketing, advertising, promotional messages or any other information to Users.

User data is subject to several joint processing operations with professional Users with whom the Guest User has made a Booking:


Data collection and transmission

Follow-up of the booking process and support for the Guest User

Data hosting

Requests to exercise rights

The data is kept as long as the User Account is open. In case of non-use of the Account for twenty-four (24) months, an email will be sent to the User informing him that his account will be closed without response within thirty (30) days. The identification data and the email address are kept for up to three (3) years from the last contact with the User for the purpose of communication and prospecting. If the User has made Bookings on the Platform, Click & Vipool keeps the history of Bookings and commission payments during the legal retention period for commercial data.


Users have the possibility of publishing reviews in connection with the rental experience (concerning the relationship with the Host User or tenant, etc.) and/or on the Goods and services that have been rented (review on characteristics and use).

Reviews should be based on actual experience.

The reviews posted are published instantly but give rise to a posteriori verification by Click & Vipool.

Notices may be withdrawn in particular in the following cases:


The review does not correspond to the User or to the Good or service;

The review contains advertising content (address, email, telephone, hypertext link) or includes personal data of the person who posted it or of third parties;

The notice includes prohibited content: spam, insults, content of a sexual nature, obscene, shocking, content of a political nature, content promoting terrorism,
insulting a person or a community, racist content or inciting discrimination, racism , homophobia;

The content of the notice is illegal;

The review is insulting or may be considered defamatory;

The review is misleading or does not relate to a real consumer experience;

The review is posted by the Host User for its own Goods or services;

The review violates the rights of third parties (trademarks, logos, copyrights, etc.)

If Click & Vipool withdraws a notice, it notifies the author and specifies the reasons for which the notice was withdrawn.

Furthermore, the notices may be modified by the User who posted them at any time.

The User concerned by the notice can respond to the notice and contact Click & Vipool if he has any doubts about the veracity of the consumption experience of the User who posted it or if the notice should be removed. Click & Vipool may refuse to withdraw the notice if it considers the withdrawal request to be unfounded.


These T&Cs, and more generally the relationship between Click & Vipool and the Users, are governed by French law. Before any referral to a Court for any reason whatsoever, the parties undertake to seek an amicable solution.

For Professional Users:

In the absence of an amicable solution between the parties, the competent court will be the Commercial court of Sharjah- UAE

For non-professional Users:

Any complaint from the User concerning the services of Click & Vipool must first be sent in writing to Click & Vipool at the address of the head office or by email:

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